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Full length Record and more

What can be said about the new record is that the epic, cinematic, ambient voices only hinted at in Endualitys Demo from late 2010, & the orchestral & choir touches added to the “Battle Cry” single from summer 2011, will now be a rich, fully implemented part of Enduality’s sound.

The new songs will be heavier & better composed, thanks to the addition of drummer; Sage Elder, bass guitarist; Mark Hoover, & rhythm guitarist; Nate Metcalfe.  Chris Griggs more elaborate melodic guitar work from “Battle Cry” sets a new standard for the bands skill level, & you can expect a similar work ethic to each song.

there are also plans for a music video that will accompany one of the songs from the new album but we will keep you posted about the details on that as they become available.

Movie soundtrack.

There is a new movie being shot right here in Colorado, Angry Puppy Productions is based out of LA and they are looking for local talent to help with the soundtrack and Enduality is in the running. for more info about the new movie titled “Out There…” go to http://www.filmbreak.com/projects/out-there if Enduality sounds like the band for the job go to https://www.facebook.com/AngryPuppyProductions?fref=ts scroll down until you find the Enduality posting and click Like. the band with the most likes will be doing some work on the soundtrack.

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